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No time like the present. Here is the Agency’s (Complaints Committee) response to my complaint. Take a look, form your own opinion, and later on I’ll post my commentary.

response to complaint 1


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I think my first letter pretty much speaks for itself, although one thing I do not touch on is the therapist’s comment about “I hope your reasons for [quitting therapy] are good ones.” I really don’t think it was her place to comment AT ALL on my reasons for doing anything once the therapy relationship had been severed. I also think it was a clue to how much she over-valued her opinion while devaluing mine. What difference does it make what she thinks or feels about my reasons? I quit. It’s done.

1) The reply from the Regulatory Agency

What I find vexing and unethical about this letter is that it is the first mention that Complainants are expected to keep the complaint confidential. That is NOT what it says on the Agency’s website. In fact the Agency website says that Complainants must be aware that there is no guarantee that their complaint will be kept confidential. This is primarily to do with complaints that lead to legal proceedings or situations where in order to properly investigate a complaint, confidentiality must be broken. I understand that, but I think there is a double standard here. The Agency gets to decide whether to keep a complaint confidential, but the client has no say. This info is kept from the client until after their file their complaint, when it is too late. It’s a bait-and-switch. The Agency could, at the very least, post this info on its website so that clients know in advance how the process works.

2) The Therapist’s response

I have a very low opinion of this woman anyway, so I’m not going to cut her any slack here.

First, her letter has a lot of guff about her commitment to standards of practice yadda yadda. Whatever, bitch. Commitment is something you DO, not something you gasbag about.

Second, she kind of suggests that since I didn’t specify what info was OK to leave on which voicemail, how was she to know? Here’s what you do, bitch: Assume nothing, and err on the side of caution. I.e. DON’T leave confidential info on ANY voicemail.

For fuck’s sake, it’s not that hard. I work in an environment where ALL of my communication is subject to Freedom of Information inquiries, so I just never put anything in an email, voicemail, letter, etc that is in any way confidential or questionable. I always pre-emptively filter my work communications to meet the “what if this ended up on the news?” standard. And I don’t deal with much confidential or sensitive material to begin with, nothing equivalent to what a therapist is privy to. Shouldn’t a therapist’s behaviour conform to the HIGHEST standard of confidentiality?

Third, this stuff about how my work voicemail outgoing message did not indicate that others used the line or would take my calls or whatever… please. It’s my WORK voicemail. It is for WORK purposes, not to coach people from my personal life on how to be discreet.

Fourth, this rubbish about “a healthy closure to a therapeutic process” is really all about HER. I.e. conforming to HER notions of healthy closure, not mine. I was fine with how things closed, that’s why I handled it the way I did. If I had wanted to speak to her about quitting therapy, I would have made some effort to do so. What is so difficult to understand about that?

This is what I get from her letter: SHE assumed it was OK to spill my confidential info onto my work voicemail, SHE believed it was necessary to discuss termination with me, therefore HER actions were OK. Like her opinion is the only one that matters. What I don’t see is any respect for MY decision to end therapy the way I chose. It is, after all, my time, my money, my life.

Also, bitch please: YOU JUST GOT CANNED. You’re not my therapist anymore, so it doesn’t matter what you think about what I do. TAKE THE HINT.

Fifth, I must point out her notes on confidentiality on her “Policies of Practice” document. She guarantees the “strictest of confidence” except under certain conditions, none of which apply to my case.

Um, yeah. Drooling into my work voicemail =/= strict confidence.

Next up: the Agency’s response!

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Complaint #1

Finally I get around to copying and scanning the documents related to my formal complaint against my ex-griftertherapist.

It is necessary to conceal identifying information so I don’t risk getting sued. I had to play around with white-out and markers to find the best method of concealment. I apologize for the messiness – it took a few tries! In order to save time and hassle, I won’t post the letters from the Licensing Agency that only acknowledge my letters and contain no pertinent information.

Complaint #1 relates to a confidentiality issue. I’ll let you all review my letter and the therapist’s response, and then post again with my thoughts and commentary on it.

So, take a look!

complaint 1

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