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watch psychotherapy videos
psychotherapy videos
psychotherapy is a con
psychotherapy iatrogenic
critque witchdoctors and psychiatrists torrey
therapy a con
“donald a eisner”
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oversupply of therapists
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psychotherapy a con
when your therapist is just in it for the money
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do you google your therapist
“unconscious fiscal convenience”
therapy is acon
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“judi striano”
suze orman and the poor
“client speaks her piece”
how do you know therapy is working
therapy is a con blog
pond life – bitter & twisted (watch how the therapist reacts to dolly’s quitting – classic!)
donald eisner blog wordpress
psychotherapist marketing
solicitors rights for copies of client psychotherapy notes
reading list psychotherapy
watch movies with psychotherapists
gaslighting, the double whammy, interrogation and other methods of covert control in psychotherapy and analysis theodore l. dorpat
what would be a con to seeing a therapist?
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dr tana dineen and scott lilienfeld on electric shock therapy
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+”the illusion of psychotherapy”+”epstein”+”review”
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psychotherapy: the purchase of friendship
ethical standards in marketing therapy
myth childhood robyn dawes
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can anyone call themselves a therapist 2011
psychotherapy industry
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against therapy; emotional tyranny and the myth of psychological healing
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psychotherapist flyer
case study guide for psychotherapist
fun as psychotherapy


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A quick post today, partly just to say “I’m still here!” and also because I’ve got to share this link I found.  It’s the transcript of an interview with Bernie Zilbergeld, who wrote The Shrinking of America, one of my favourite therapy-debunking books.  Some choice quotes from the interview:

“Gee, I had five people quit last week, and at this level I can’t pay the mortgage,” … That’s really where it’s at for a lot of [therapists].

I wish we would stop using [therapy] for all the things where there’s no evidence, despite years of trying to get it, that it does any good, and to use it for what it’s good for. I mean, how would you feel if they started performing appendectomies on everybody, whether they needed them or not, or tonsillectomies, which was actually the case? Actually, I would like to see with psychotherapy what happened to tonsillectomies. They used to do it on everybody.

I recommend reading the whole interview here: http://www.intuition.org/txt/zilber2.htm

I also highly recommend Bernie’s book! It’s in the reading list.

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